No Additives

Vinchase natural wines are additive free!

Wine is one of only commercial goods that does not require a list of ingredients, even though the FDA allows for up to seventy (70) additives. These additives are used in the conventional winemaking process and are used to alter the flavors, acidity, texture, aroma and color of the wines. Some of the ingredients allowed are made from animal product, thus making the wines not vegan friendly.  Sugar is often added to hide flaws in the wine, most would be surprised to learn that some of the best selling conventional wines contain up to 20g of sugar per liter. You can find these mass produced wines in the supermarket, wine shop, online, or any chain store. You won’t find them on Vinchase.

Vinchase wines are fully fermented dry and do not contain sugar or any other additives.

Here is a list of allowed ingredients in wine in the United States:

Type or purpose of addition Permitted additives
Acidification tartaric acid
Clarification calcium alginate
potassium alginate
potassium caseinate
silicon dioxide
edible gelatine
acacia (gum arabic)
proteins of plant origin
ovalbumin (egg white)
alumino silicates
ferrous sulfate
Decolourants polyvinyl-polypyr-rolidone (PVPP)
activated charcoal
Deacidification lactic bacteria
neutral potassium tartrate
potassium bicarbonate
calcium carbonate
Deodorant copper sulfate
Elaboration oak chips
metatartaric acid
Enrichment concentrated grape must
rectified concentrated grape must
Enzymes betaglucanase
Fermentation fresh lees
ammonium bisulphite
thiamine hydrochloride
yeast cell walls
yeasts for wine production
diammonium phosphate
ammonium sulphate
ammonium sulphite
Sequestrants fresh lees
potassium ferrocyanide
calcium phytate
citric acid
Stabilisation calcium tartrate
potassium bitartrate
yeast mannoproteins
Preservatives sorbic acid
sulphur dioxide
potassium bisulphite
dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC)
carbon dioxide
potassium metabisulphite/disulfite
allyl isothiocyanate
potassium sorbate
ascorbic acid
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